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At Ocean Computer we have over 25 years of experience building and repairing PCs, employing members of the community, and providing service to the area. Our Desktop Computers are built and serviced by experienced technicians, on-site, in Barrington Passage.



Have us build a custom desktop computer for your office, home, and gaming needs. At Ocean Computer we build and service computers on-site giving us the ability to build to your specifications, and upgrade your system. There is no need to have your PC sent away for lengthy repairs. The technicians that build your computer also do the repairs. All of our PC’s and Laptops come ready to be used out of the box with no additional cost for setup.

We also carry a range of PC hardware, peripherals, and accessories. If you can’t find what you need in the store, we can order it and have it delivered quickly within a few days.

  • LCD Monitors
  • InkJet and Laser Printers
  • Cables ( USB, Network, Video, Extensions )
  • Wireless Mouse & Keyboards
  • Routers
  • USB Wireless Network Adaptors
  • External Hard drives
  • Power Supplies
  • Laptop Power Adaptors
  • Web Cams
  • Flash Drives
  • KVMs Keyboard, Video & Mouse Hubs
  • UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Surge Protectors
  • DVD/CD RW’s
  • Converters


Need help finding the ink or toner for your printer? Try the Ink & Toner Finder


We service PC’s and Laptops of any make and brand. We also provide repairs to other electronic devices such as IPods/IPads, printers, and DVR’s.

At Ocean, our first step in giving your PC a complete checkup is to listen to you the customer.
We then start with a visual inspection of your PC’s hardware, checking for loose connections & cables, damaged hardware, and dirty components. We follow this with a power-on test of the different hardware components (power supply, hard drive, ram, fans, etc.) using our diagnostics software and hardware tools. The PC’s software and operating system are then checked for problems and updates. Malware and viruses are removed, software errors are corrected, requested changes or software is installed, and a general system cleanup is performed with a variety of top industry standard tools.



When bringing in your PC or Laptop for repair please follow these helpful tips.

  • Please bring your power adaptor with your laptop.
  • The power cord for your PC is generally not required unless you have a non-standard cable/adaptor.
  • Although we take care to ensure that your belongings are not misplaced it’s a good idea to label the devices ( PC, laptop, adaptors, keyboards, webcams, etc. ) that you bring into the store.
  • Write down and bring in any passwords that may be required for us to access and repair your computer. Windows login and email passwords are the most common. This will save time and speed up the repair process. We DO NOT maintain a record of your passwords.


At Ocean Computer we have three support options to fit your requirements and schedule.


  • In Shop – Drop your computer off at our location and have it fixed in our fully equipped tech shop. A technician is always present and you may drop off your computer without an appointment at any time during regular business hours.
  • Remote Support – Our remote support software allows us to connect to and control your computer using the internet. We can perform many services remotely without the need for you to disassemble and move your computer. Available at any time during regular business hours.
  • Service Call – An appointment can be made to have a technician sent directly to your home or business. Networking issues, computer installation, or anything requiring on-site support, we can be there.

Other Services

Data ( Documents, Email, Photos, Music, Movies)

  • Backup – We can backup your data to a variety of different media, CD, DVD, Flash Drive, and External Hard drives.
  • Transfer – When getting a new PC or Laptop we can transfer the data from your previous system to your new one.
  • Recovery – We have tools to help recover deleted or corrupt data.

Wired and wireless networking installation and maintenance for your home or office. From wireless routers for your home PC & laptop to servers and shared devices across your office network. We build and install the hardware, run the cables, set up the devices and install the software.

Surveillance Cameras
For security and/or monitoring

Ocean Remote Support Logo

Remote support allows an Ocean technician to fix many of your PC issues

over the internet without the need to physically bring your PC to our shop.


• Simply call us at (902) 637-2398 to speak to a technician

• Then Click the START SUPPORT button when asked


Start Remote Support Button

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