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Business Signage

Starting up a new business? or maybe you’re just looking to up your advertising game? We can help you. We offer small and large scale business signage. Whether it’s a wayfinding highway sign or a building sign for your establishment, we’ve got you covered. Our signs are made from premium quality printed vinyl with overlaminate applied to 6mm thick Alupanel board for durability and longevity.
Business Signage

Custom House Signs

Our house signs are made of a high density, weatherproof PVC plastic material for outdoor and indoor applications. No splitting or cracking like wood. The signs are also laminated to further protect the surface from damage and fading. Our vinyl application process produces a smooth bubble free surface.

Victorian House Sign

Approx: 23in x 20in

Oval House Sign

Approx: 23in x 14in



Custom Plates

Add some personality to your vehicle with a custom designed plate. You can choose to have a full color printed plate, layered cut vinyl plate, or a combination of the two. Our full-color plate allows for any type of design or range of colors, perfect for photos. The layered vinyl plate has a reduced range of colors and is limited to more simple designs, such as logos or names, but allows for reflective metallic materials, such as gold or chrome. Printed photo plates are laminated for durability and to prevent color fading.

Vinyl Signs, Lettering & Decals

Our Sign Shop can meet all your personal and advertising needs! Every sign is a special order to us made to your specifications. Highly durable vinyl graphics make your sign both eye-catching and long-lasting. With a wide range of vinyl colors and graphic designs, we can make your sign look exactly the way you want. Durable and long-lasting, our printed vinyl graphics are laminated to protect the surface from damage and to keep its color from fading.


Lettering and Decals


Home Vehicles Business Vinyl Types
Civic Numbers Door Names Operating Hours Solid Colours
Mailbox Names Cosmetic Decals Window Names Reflective
Decorations Custom Bumper Stickers Front Displays Chrome and Metallic
Advertising Name Plates Printable Air Release

Sign Backing Materials

  • Coroplast ( Corrugated plastic ): Suitable for indoor use or outdoor when fastened to a wall or solid backing.
  • Alupanel ( Puck board with aluminum face and back ): Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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